This is an online report that gathers together, in summary form, information on natural persons culled from public-record sources. It thus provides, in one location, assessments of all previous issues and data appearing in the Business Register.

A report designed to have a complete overview of a party.

Meticulous controls on Protested Bills and Payment Defaults relating to the party, Bankruptcy and Proceedings on companies affiliated with the same. Current company offices, along with recent resignations and terminations are reported, with a notation of the stake held, par value, and the type of rights on the same. For both, furthermore, the key identifiers for the companies found are provided. This informational report is enhanced by a historic negative-issue rating, which provides a summary judgement, taking into consideration all critical issues that emerged on the party subject to enquiry.


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Pre-contractual information
A cosa serve?

Valutazione affidabilità persona fisica fornendo quanti più elementi possibili

The enquiry is the most complete amongst service offerings. It allows us to provide an in-depth view of the current economic/equity/net-worth status of the investigated party.


Pre-contractual information
A cosa serve?

Valutazione di ORDINARIE esposizioni creditizie

This is a MONITORABLE informational report on Italian companies aimed at determining their commercial reliability in the reference market. The service integrates an innovative methodology to set company ratings and commercial credit.


Pre-contractual information
A cosa serve?

Valutazione di esposizioni creditizie di MEDIO / ALTA ENTITÀ che necessitino analisi approfondite

È un rapporto informativo INVESTIGATO e MONITORABILE su imprese italiane volto a determinarne l'affidabilità commerciale sul mercato di riferimento.

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