Clipeo is an online service offered by Business Defence to find value information quickly and easily.

Do you need to know the credit-worthiness of a company requesting your services? Do you need to collect a receivable? Maybe you'd like to check the reliability of a vendor? Thanks to Clipeo, you can obtain the data you need to make an informed decision. Clipeo assists you in the crucial choices for you business operations.
Not only that - Clipeo helps solves problems in your personal life as well: investigations for disputed inheritance, background checks on domestic workers, elder-care providers and babysitters, investigations for fault-based separation / marital infidelity. With Clipeo, uncertainty is no longer an issue.


Find the service best suited to your needs

Unsure of which solution to request? Thanks to Clipeo's handy Service Finder, in just a few steps we can determine together the service most suited to your work- and home-life-related needs.


Receive a report in just a few days in your Personal Area

Once the purchase has been made, you can review your order status in real time by logging onto your Personal Area. When the report you have requested is ready, you will receive an alert to the email address you provided us, and find the report in your Personal Area. It doesn't get any easier than that!


Clipeo is available in a mobile version, as well

Clipeo services can be viewed on a mobile device, too. Visit clipeo.it from a smartphone or tablet, and access our services quickly and easily.


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