Anti-Fraud Services

Business Defence is an indirect, in-network provider with the Ministry of Economics and Finance under Article 30-ter, paragraph 5, subpart (d) of Legislative Decree no. 141 (13 August 2010) for the public consumer-credit fraud-prevention system, on an administrative level, and with specific reference to identity theft.

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In order to provide support to professionals, banking and financial intermediaries, and business entities outside the finance industry, in term of proper customer vetting, Business Defence has developed a Customer Vetting Service, ensuring compliance with all duties contemplated under Legislative Decree no. 231/07.

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Anti-Fraud Services
Who is it intended for?

Anti-trust regulations apply to a spectrum of persons and entities, amongst which we cite: bank or financial intermediaries; professionals (qualified accountants, HR consultants); notaries and solicit...

Duties regarding Adequate Verification in light of new regulations.

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