The most complete informational report, which includes details from the press as well.


The service, in accordance with the money-laundering system, aggregates information on natural persons gleaned from public-record SCIPAFI database entries, thus providing an assessment for purposes of adequate data verification. The report also includes details from any press coverage.


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Anti-Fraud Services
Who might need this service?

Professionals, Bank or Financial Intermediaries, Businesses outside the Finance Industry

Informational report for purposes of adequate verification, and to combat money laundering, including a Money-Laundering Risk Rating, a list of all negative findings, and company offices, whether currently held, past, or resigned/terminated.


Anti-Fraud Services
Who might need this service?

It is useful for companies to vet job candidates.

A wide-ranging investigative report on a natural person. The service takes into account both the personal and professional aspects of a person's life, and analyses their assets and any negative reports or recordings.

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