This report allows you to identify the current home address, domicile and work occupation, both employed by third parties and self-employed, as well as any retirement benefits received by an individual.

The tool for tracing a person's residence and employment.

The investigations carried out are aimed at identifying the residence and employment or any pension treatments of an Individual in order to be able to proceed with any home collection, the notification of judicial documents or the attachment of one fifth of the salary.


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Information on Credit Collection
Why is it important?

To identify the employer, in order to better direct credit-management efforts

The enquiry aims to determine the investigated person's job, and the income and compensation received from the same.


Information on Credit Collection
Why is it important?

Identify the contact information for a person or company and its legal representative in order to move forward with collection at the residence or service of process on court documents

This report allows one to find a company's registered office, or the current home address of the investigated party.

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