This enquiry is the most complete service in the series, providing a snapshot of the current economic/equity status of the party being investigated.

Complete listing of banking relationships.

This report is especially suited for assessing the equity position of CORPORATIONS. It is an in-depth analysis that traces all equity and assets subject to foreclosure / repossession / garnishment, including credit institutions with which the party has a relationship. It is enhanced by a land registry office inspection that localises the companies real-estate holdings, performed on a nationwide level, as well as by a motor-vehicle search, and savings-deposit enquiry. Furthermore, it includes financial data and the last three financial statements with the related performance indicators.

Additional news or inspections having an impact on the company's equity situation are carried out by consulting a designated criminal-records database, including on its stakeholders, and by conducting investigations onsite.


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Information on Credit Collection
A cosa serve?

Individuare patrimonialità del debitore così da poter orientare le strategie di gestione del credito

This enquiry allows for assets available for foreclosure, repossession, and garnishment to be found.


Information on Credit Collection
A cosa serve?

A individuare gli istituti di credito con cui l’azienda è relazionata in modo da poter effettuare pignoramenti

This enquiry is aimed at identifying any banking accounts held by a natural or legal person.

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