This report allows one to find a company's registered office, or the current home address of the investigated party.

The tool to track a company or person.

After verifying the accuracy of the official data, one moves forward with identifying the registered office / domicile, with investigations extended on-site to verify actual presence. This service provides peace of mind for at-home debt collection and service of legal process.


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Information on Credit Collection
A cosa serve?

A individuare il datore di lavoro così da poter orientare al meglio le strategie di recupero credito.

The enquiry aims to determine the investigated person's job, and the income and compensation received from the same.


Information on Credit Collection
A cosa serve?

A individuare patrimonialità del debitore così da poter orientare le strategie di gestione del credito.

This enquiry is the most complete service in the series, providing a snapshot of the current economic/equity status of the party being investigated.


Information on Credit Collection
A cosa serve?

A individuare gli istituti di credito con cui l’azienda è relazionata in modo da poter effettuare pignoramenti

This enquiry is aimed at identifying any banking accounts held by a natural or legal person.

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